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How to correctly absorb its nutrients

 How to take it:

Preparation: Maintain the pollen at room temperature for a minimum of five hours in water – preferable overnight – before consuming so that your stomach may absorb the nutrients.  The pollen was dried out over a few weeks to avoid fermentations, molding, etc.  Through this we are able to return it to its natural state.

Dosage: Take a tablespoon of the prepared pollen in the morning with honey, liquids, or juices.  I feel that fresh orange juice best is best when in Mallorca.

Children: Halve the dosage (1/2 Tbsp.).  The pollen shouldn’t be provided for children under the age of one without consulting a physician.


The pollen is produced through the reproductive organs of flowers and is collected by the bees, which are able to transport it, add secretions to it, and enrich it.

The pollenization is an important and vital function for plants to carry out fertilization and reproduction. The pollen is three times richer in protein than meat or dairy products and is easier to digest.

Nutrients (ideal for diabetics- does not contain sucrose, glucose, or sugar)

§        How it restores you: The sensation of wellbeing and optimism.

§        Growth: Suitable for anemics.  It is able to increase the red blood cells by 25% and the hemoglobins by 15%.

§        Anemia: Especially for children, the pollen causes a quick elevation in the quantity of hemoglobins in the blood.  It also helps with weight gain and muscle tone, which produces the energetic feeling of wellbeing.

§        Liver: Helps compensate for poor liver function.

§        Vision: Thanks to its Vitamin A, zinc, and riboflavin content, it improves vision.

§        Beauty treatments: Tones and smoothes the skin.

§        Alopecia (hair loss): halts the balding process through cysteine, which is an amino acid that improves the scalp.

§        Prostate: Reduces prostatitus and prostratic adenomas.

§        Intestines: Relieves constipation, enteritis, and colibacillosis.

§        Pregnancy: Great for remineralizing.

§        Sedative: Pollen is able to diminish the feelings of anxiety, nervousness, irritability and small imbalances in the psyche.

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